Sitecore Experience Platform 9.3 Initial Release is available

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 9.3 focuses on product updates and enhancements that increase usability and improve performance – all centered around making it easier and faster to build digital experiences so brands can accelerate their time to value. The new editing environment offers an intuitive interface with everything a user needs for easy navigation as well as real-time contextual insights as content is created and published, giving marketers the knowledge they need to drive improved conversions.

Downloading installation files

To download Sitecore Experience Plateform 9.3 there are many download options, please check and get installations files here.


Below a list of documentation links following the release of version 9.3 :

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Translate item with Powershell for Sitecore

Background :

Basically in Sitecore projects, usually we need to create a new language for items. For some languages, we just need to copy the same content from an existing language.

For example, copy content from en to en-GB languages.

Is it possible to do this in Sitecore out of the box ?

Yes, Sitecore OOTB provide a translation module under versions tab as below.

What is missing in the Sitecore Translation Module ?

It is not possible to translate an item with descendants, you should translate item by item. When you have a large number of items to translate, it can be long and not practical.

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Solution : Use the module Sitecore Powershell Extension !

In this post, we will use SPE, for those how don’t know the Sitecore Powershell Extensions, please take a look to the website of the module hear.

In Sitecore, in the desktop mode, go to PowerShell ISE in Development Tools as below :

Copy and paste the powershell script below in the editor and run :

You should select the location of the item parent for translation as below :

Enjoy 🙂