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Sitecore provides a list of admin pages wich are very useful. Theses pages contains amazing features for developers. I will try in this post to explain the usage of theses pages and their advantages.

Cache :/sitecore/admin/cache.aspx

Sitecore provides a basic cache monitoring tools. It allows you view a list of the caches. For each cache you can see the number of records, the size of the data being cached and other information. Among the caches that you can handle, database prefetch, data cache, item cache, HTML cache, etc

Serialization : /sitecore/admin/serialization.aspx

Serialization allows you to convert a whole database or a series of items in a database to text files.
You can then use these text files to transfer this database or series of items to another database or Sitecore solution.

You can serialize, update or revert selected databases via serialization.aspx page depending on the action that you want to perform on the database.

Database Browser:/sitecore/admin/dbbrowser.aspx

The dbbrowser.aspx page displays a view of sitecore database and their items in tree wiew.

Show Config : /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx

At runtime, Sitecore compiles its configuration by collecting the Sitecore configuration files and resolving any rule-based dependencies for the configuration settings in those files.

One of the means that allows us to see the final and complete configuration of sitecore is  The showconfig.aspx page.



This page allows us to show also the custom config files added to  App_Config/include/ folder.This is very useful for debuging settings.

Unlock Admin: /sitecore/admin/unlock_admin.aspx

When a certain number of login attempts are made without success, a user may be locked out. The unlock_admin.aspx page is used to unlock the admin account. This feature requires you to set enableUnlockButton = true on admin ASPX page

Media Hash Generator : /sitecore/admin/MediaHash.aspx

The media request protection feature restricts media URLs that contain dynamic image-scaling parameters, so that only server-generated requests are processed. This ensures that the server only spends resources and disk space on valid image-scaling requests.

The MediaHash.aspx allows to generate a resized media  by appending a media hash to the url.

Path Analyzer: /sitecore/admin/PathAnalyzer.aspx

The Path Analyzer allow you to create a map that shows the sequential paths that contacts take as they navigate through your website.

You can see the paths that contacts take while interacting with campaigns, and on their way to converting on business critical activities such as goals and events.

Pipelines: sitecore/admin/Pipelines.aspx

The page pipelines.aspx allows you to monitor utilization, performance and other aspects of Sitecore pipelines. The overview give you an idea into what pipelines are executed and you can measure the impact on memory usage on server CPUs.

Statistics : sitecore/admin/Stats.aspx

The page stats.aspx insight into what presentational components have been loaded for each site.

It provides an overview of statistics about renderings: load times, run time, cache sizes, etc.

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